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Honorary Members of AIPsiT

I am Rosalba Terranova Cecchini born now the last century.

I graduated in medicine and surgery in 1953 then I specialized in neurology. To date, I am a retired psychiatrist doctor for the company that needs definitions. They say I'm the pioneer of Transcultural Psychiatry. I developed, supported and disseminated cross-cultural thinking thanks to numerous projects in developing countries and in the context of Italian psychiatric hospitals; I founded in 1953 and I am director of it the Fondazione Cecchini Pace Transcultural Institute for Health and in 2001 the first specialization course in Transcultural Psychotherapy started in Italy. To date it is the only course in Italy so called.


Dr. Rosanna Marcato born in Tolmezzo in 1950 living in Venice for a long time. Social worker very attentive to the diversity and problems of the so-called fragile categories. My interests have been varied to which I have dedicated professionalism and passion. This is why I tried to introduce professional methodologies that looked at the person as a whole and not at the categories codified by the bureaucracy of the services.


Dr. Donata Dante Polacco, born in Padua by chance in 1964 but residing in Venice. Curious about the various aspects of life, I studied the philosophy of language before I became passionate about psychology and above all to psychosynthesis which led me directly to that often hidden dimension, where personal resources and the integration of the complexity of the human being become an engine to support and transform the dark moments of life. This is why I am interested in the clinic, the relationship with people and with the wonderful uniqueness of our frailties.

Dr. Arianna Borelli

Born in the lower Bergamo area among the colors of a multicultural family, I now live in Lisbon where I am specializing in general and family medicine and student of the master in Migration, Inter-ethnicity and Transnationalism of the NOVA faculty of social sciences and humanities. I strongly believe in the importance of a holistic approach in clinical practice, which is adequately competent also from a cultural point of view, to guarantee the physical, mental and social well-being of the person. I am part of the Humans Before Borders collective, a platform for raising awareness of civil society about the inhuman and illegal treatment of migrants and refugees, and whenever possible I try to go to the field helping with primary and community health of asylum seekers confined to the Greek islands.

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