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Psychological counseling

Family and couple interviews

Each family system is the bearer of its own culture, values and models. It is for this reason that transcultural family therapy does not only address families that derive from a different socio-cultural context but broadens their gaze to all those families who are part of those social changes that have changed, the borders, the hierarchies, communication styles and the life cycle of the traditional family system. It addresses: To families who are going through moments of crisis and significant transition that place them in a situation of blockage or imbalance. To families who belong to different cultural contexts and who are struggling to enter the new welcoming context To couples in difficulty who are struggling to overcome a moment of crisis, of break-up or who are preparing to become parents To mixed couples and who are struggling to connect different cultural systems Family psychotherapy is a technique of psychological treatment of family ailments and problems which is the natural context in which individuals grow, develop and define themselves. Taking charge of the family system allows you to shift your attention from the individual, often considered the only source of problems, to relations between members with the aim of improving coexistence and communication within the family group. The profound socio-economic and cultural transformations of recent years have produced a radical modification of the traditional family system and today there is no single way of considering and living the family.

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