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"Fami pills" by Dr. Nives Martini:

"There are no foreigners"

Nives Barletta-26.11.jpg

«There are no foreigners. Every person is different, he comes from a certain country, from a certain family, has his own name and surname. We are dealing with people, not with cultures ». This was the fundamental premise from which Professor Nives Martini, transcultural psychologist and psychotherapist, left during the meeting held on Tuesday in Barletta as part of the Fami Salute - Prevention 4.0.

At the same time, he says, "there is no Italian doc", because migration is a human constant. And to explain it better, she told us a little about herself: originally from nearby Milan, a woman from the 1960s, she has lived and worked for thirty years «in a city on the water, in the Lagoon, in Venice, with times, rhythms and ways of making families very different. I was born with a car, now I'm going on a vaporetto ».

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