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Insights AIPsiT Honorary Members

My name is Donata Dante Polacco.

Psychotherapist psychologist, degree in language philosophy, master in psychosynthesis and in paradoxical strategic therapy. I work in Venice as a freelancer with adult couples and groups. I founded with other colleagues the emergency listening desk in Marghera, and a working group for the management of the releases of foreign adults. He works as a supervisor with the psychosynthetic training counselors, with the operators of the SPRAR team and asylum seekers and with the reception team of foreign minors. My training has focused on Jungian analytical psychoanalysis and group psychoanalysis.


The training school I attended is the CISSPAT Italian Center for the Development of Short-Term Psychotherapy in Padua. As for training in Jungian analysis, I followed the path with Franco Michelini Tocci and while training in group psychotherapeutic work I followed the path with Salomon Resnik.

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