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Insights AIPsiT Honorary Members

I am Rosanna Marcato born in Tolmezzo, a town in the province of Udine on September 3, 1950. Social worker, passionate about diversity, from which I have always felt attracted and close. I worked in the public sector initially in the Family Consultants of Mirano (1977) and Venice (from 1978-1992) where innovative service models have developed and in support of women, responsible procreation and adoptions. From 1992 to 2010 I implemented and organized services aimed at migrants in the Municipality of Venice with particular regard to Roma refugees (92/96) and the protection and reception of refugees and unaccompanied foreign minors.


In 1994, in agreement with the CIR and the Veneto Region, I opened the first regional information desk for refugees and organized the first reception. Within my area of expertise, I paid particular attention to the construction of institutional and private social networks, the training of personnel and cultural mediators operating in the area. I was responsible for the FONTEGO project, one of the first SPRAR refugee reception projects (2001, 105 places including 55 for vulnerable people). In this context, I developed methodologies still used today as professional tools in the SPRAR field. I was invited to report to the European Commission on the Venice Municipality project as an example of good reception practices. In particular, I have gained great experience in working with people as a "story collector" to support applicants for international protection in their asylum application. In these narratives I have encountered the "evil of the world" and I have tried to combine the needs of the body with those of the soul, giving depth and respect to the experiences of each person and offering resources and opportunities for social insertion through a network organized at a territorial level. working. In 2010 I ended my work but I continued in my commitment in different projects: North / Africa emergency consultant (Schio-2011/12), volunteer at the Emergency Polyclinic for the socio / psychological listening center (2012/14) local responsible for the CIR reception project (40 places) at the Venice Airport for refugees sent back to Italy (Dublin Convention), later consultant for various associations and cooperatives.

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