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Insights AIPsiT Honorary Members

"The patient is my teacher"

Rosalba Terranova Cecchini is a Psychiatrist, pioneer of Transcultural Psychiatry both in projects in developing countries and in the Italian psychiatric hospitals; in 1993 he created the Cecchini Pace Foundation Transcultural Institute for Health and in 2001 the Specialization Course in Transcultural Psychotherapy.

In a more purely psychiatric setting, in 1972 Luigi Frighi called me to write a chapter of his text of Mental Hygiene:


it is the first treatment in Italy of transcultural relational forms. In this work I had the opportunity to spread the transcultural approach to psychiatry that I developed during my pioneering experiences in Madagascar and Nicaragua. I am the founder of the Specialization Course in Transcultural Psychotherapy, from which the Services to the territory and the person originate, I deepened and underlined the meaning of culture in the treatment processes during the post-Basal mental hospital discharge process, in which I participated in the front line as head of psychiatry at the Sacco Hospital in Milan. In Rome I studied and worked in the second half of 1900 with Mariella Pandolfi, psychologist and anthropologist, who at that time was professor of anthropology at the University of Montreal, together we studied the relationship between medical anthropology from the perspective of power, culture and violence in situations characterized by strong globalization pressures. From the experience of the projects in Nicaragua and other developing countries with Fausto Massimini and Loris Panzeri we have developed many projects and several clinicians and researchers begin to work with a cross-cultural approach in Italy and abroad, promoting the cross-cultural clinical approach which is now embodied in Italy by the Transcultural Clinical Center of Milan.

In 2009 I was awarded the Milano Donna Award and in 2013 honored me with the Minerva Award for my social commitment.

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