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Insights AIPsiT Honorary Members

Born in the lower Bergamo area among the colors of a multicultural family, I now live in Lisbon where I am specializing in general and family medicine and student of the master in Migration, Inter-ethnicity and Transnationalism of the NOVA faculty of social sciences and humanities. I strongly believe in the importance of a holistic approach in clinical practice, which is adequately competent also from a cultural point of view, to guarantee the physical, mental and social well-being of the person. I am part of the collective Humans Before Borders, an action platform for the awareness of civil society about the inhuman and illegal treatment of migrants and refugees, and whenever possible I try to go on the field helping with primary and community health of asylum seekers confined to the Greek islands . The transnational collective was born in Lisbon, Portugal, creates spaces for social awareness of the fragile situation of refugees and fights against all forms of usurpation of human rights.

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