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"What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be smaller without that drop"


Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The Italian Association of Transcultural Psychotherapy (AIPsiT) was born in Milan in November 2009 by the alumni of the Specialization Course in Transcultural Psychotherapy ( Fondazione Cecchini Pace in Milan ) under solicitation and guidance, supervised and supported by the will of the founder and director of the course Dr. Rosalba Terranova Cecchini.

The Association is non-partisan, non-profit and carries out promotional and social utility activities.

Its aims are centered on the diffusion of the theoretical reference model - complementary - and its applicability in clinical practice.

The members of AIPsiT carry out their activity in various Italian and foreign cities (Germany, Switzerland, ..) in different contexts (institutional and private) and in different areas (clinical, social, educational, training).

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Transcultural psychotherapy, says Rosalba Terranova-Cecchini, considers the reactions of the human body, the behavior of individuals and the works of man from the point of view of the ways of thinking and specific preferences handed down by the cultural heritage of the various communities.  


Each system that is the individual or the family system is the bearer of its own culture, values and models.


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